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Poziționate în segmentul premium, produsele Lotka sunt o marcă destinată consumatorului educat, adept al nutriției sănătoase, echilibrate, în care peștele are un aport consistent.

For this type of consumer, we prepared a range of superior quality products that are very rich in nutrients.

Under the LOTKA brand you can find premium products from both the standpoints of carefully selected meat but also the premium packaging of the product as well.

The new brand is aimed towards the lovers of tuna and makrel, in chunks or fillet, and with a range of sauces such as olive oil, sunflower oil, own juice or tomato juice.

A big advantage of these products is the transparency of the packaging, thus inducing a sense of trust towards the consumers who actively pick superior quality goods.

The packaging of the tuna chunks is unique in the market, using a transparent lid that permits visualizing the product and the quality of it, thus offering motivation and extra safety at the point of sale.

Produsele LOTKA sunt versatile și pot fi utilizate în diverse combinații: cu legume, pentru salate, sandvișuri sau alte mâncăruri.

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Navodul Plin has a vast canned fish portfolio in order to satisfy even the most demanding of consumers. The brand comes in aid to this type of consumer, offering the best price-quality ratio without any compromise in the taste of the product.




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As of April 2018, Thenaisie Provote is part of the Scandia Food Group. Thenaisie Provote is a company with over 110 years of tradition, that has always focused on evolution, has always studied the trends and has constantly innovated and reinvented itself without losing its identity, the passion being passed down through generations. In Romania the brand that markets Thenaisie Provote products is TAPAS.

În portofoliul de produse Tapas se numără produse precum midii, calamari, sardine sau ton – toate în prezentări apetisante.

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